Bariatric / Obesity Surgery
Health and Quality of Life Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Health and Quality of Life Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

In comparison to other weight-loss methods such as dieting, physical activities or liposuction, surgery helps sustain weight-loss for the longest time in patients who have exhausted all the other options. It has also been shown to improve or resolve many obesity-related health risks including Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnoea and High Blood Pressure. A majority of the patients who have Bariatric Surgery report enhanced quality of life, psychological well-being, social interactions, employment opportunities and financial conditions.

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Bariatric Surgery
Migraines 57% Resolved*
Depression 47% Resolved*
Obstructive Sleep apnoea 74% to 98% resolved*
Hypercholesterolemia 63% resolved*
Asthma 69% resolved*
Hypertension 69% resolved*
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 90% resolved*
Metabolic syndrome 80% resolved*
GERD 72% resolved*
Type 2 Diabetes 82% to 98% resolved*
Urinary stress incontinence 44% resolved*
Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease 41% resolved*
Venous stasis disease 95% resolved*
Gout 72% resolved*